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Episode 101 — Him

A new video music series exploring the dynamic interaction between a composer and a poet as they try to collaborate on music, life and…


Musing on Music

One of my strongest compositional interests has been exploring new music ideas in a theatrical context. How do you take the audience along into new ideas in music? How can we re-imagine old forms in a new context?

Some examples: High Fidelity explores the possibility of making music move as fast as theatrical farce; Les Dames á trois…et pianoexamines the minimum needs of operatic storytelling; Das Haus meanders through the process of letting go of the old; and The Passion of John uses old sonoroties and an old text in new and, I hope, meaningful ways.

Similarly in orchestral, choral and liturgical works, I hope to find music of interest in a medium that is thought provoking and exciting for performer and audience alike.


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