Juan Peron’s Hand

Music by Philip Seward, Lyrics by Steven Price & Philip Seward,

Book by Kelli Ann Glaser, Steven Price & Philip Seward

Cast: 2M/2W  •  Inst: Piano & Percussion  •  Duration: about 2 hrs.

Juan Peron HEADER

A Chicago tollbooth collector, Dirk, is convince by his wife, Gayle, to pursue leads she found in her masters thesis on Juan Perón. She hopes to convince her husband to finance a trip to Argentina so she can find the Perón gold. Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, the couple meets up with Victor and Consuela whom they hope will guide them along the path that Gayle believes will lead them to the gold. With the exception of the oblivious Dirk, the characters each plot to pursue their own agenda as they prepare their expedition to find the gold. As Dirk stumbles fortuitously through one situation after another as the women both wonder if he is more than meets the eye. When drawing closer to the hidden treasure, the necessity arises for Victor to sacrifice a hand and he bids a fond good-bye to his trusty “friend.” The musical concludes on a raucas note as the character’s machinations carry them to unexpected outcomes.

Juan Peron’s Hand was created to be premiered at the Northtown Arts Center in the summer of 2002. Written for adult audiences, the work received a successful premiere and a subsequent revival.

Previous Productions: North Town Arts Center, Chicago

Recording Samples: Full-Cast Recording available in iTunes