Myth America

Music by Philip Seward,

Lyrics by Steven Price & Philip Seward,

Book by Lee Scheier

Cast: 5M/3W & Ensemble (3M/3W) •  Inst: Piano  Duration: about 2 hrs.

Sample Songs:

We Hold These Truths

On Bended Knee

Put Down The Bottle

Keep It Simple

A World Of Spin

Plot Synopsis:

Myth America is a dark musical comedy that ends in tragedy in the tradition of Urinetown.

The story examines recent history and events that deceived a nation and pulled that country into an unnecessary war for the enrichment of those in power.

In our story Rex Meanie makes a deal with Hugh R.A. Lush Jr., a drunken playboy and the son of former president Hugh R. A. Lush Sr. that he will help him become President of the United States if Lush Jr. allows him to run the country covertly from the Vice President’s office. Meanie who is power mad wants to use his position to become the world’s richest man.

Once in power, Meanie, who was CEO of Rexxon Oil Services and still holds deferred stock options and also owns the Great American Broadcasting System (GABS), convinces Americans that the oil rich country of Petrodollarstan has Objects of Vast Annihilation (the OVA) that they will use to destroy the U. S. He will then declare war and take over their oil, thus enriching himself. He uses the iconic and sexy broadcast journalist Kitty Careless, star of GABS, the network he owns, to win over the country to support the war effort by having a young married patriotic couple, Bud Pie and Rose Apple, star on her reality TV show and promote patriotism and service to the U.S.

Meanie doesn’t realize that Kitty Careless is getting inside information from an informant, Deep Penetration, and is secretly working with Meanie’s right hand man, the Reverend Evan Lee Bliss, to thwart Meanie’s evil plans, but to no avail. The U.S. invades. Meanie is enriched by the war. Bud Pie, a true American patriot and star of Careless’s reality show, becomes collateral damage after he enlists and is killed fighting valiantly for his country in Petrodollarstan.