A Noteworthy Tale

Opera for children in one-act; Music and Libretto by Philip Seward
Commissioned by Lyric Opera of Chicago
Adapted from A Noteworthy Tale by Brenda Mutchnick and Ron Casden.
Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, ©1997.
Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Cast: varies  •  Instrumentation: Piano  •  Duration: about forty minutes

Synopsis: Notso Profundo awakens to a regular day in Rhapsody where he lives in the Notable Inn with the notes of the scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti and The Other Do. As they all practice for the upcoming festival of Reason and Rhyme, Notso’s baton slips from his grasp and falls into the Groove, a fast flowing brook in Rhapsody. Jumping in after the baton, Notso eventually washes up in Slrrrrr where all music is forbidden. Konrad Troubleclef keeps a tight hold on events in Slrrrrr and, in fact, currently holds prisoner the young Melisma Tone-Cluster in hopes of changing her mind about marrying him. This breaks the heart of his cook, Rose Transpose, who would love to marry the guy herself! Just as Konrad and his sidekick, the Soundcatcher, hatch a plan to eliminate music everywhere, Notso and Melisma escape back to Rhapsody. There, the two collaborate with the notes of the scale to develop a plan to save music…and the gray, dismal land of Slrrrrr!

A Noteworthy Tale was commissioned by Lyric Opera of Chicago as a part of the OperaKids outreach program. For more information, contact the Education Department at Lyric Opera of Chicago.

Past Productions: Christian Heritage Academy, Illinois (premiere); Various Chicago Public Schools and suburban schools in Illinois and Indiana; Sherwood Conservatory, Chicago; Opera Memphis, and Pensacola Opera