Dorabella’s Daughters

DorabellaÕs Daughter#151D01

Cast: 5M/5W  •  Instrumentation: Chamber Orchestra  •  Duration: about 2 hrs.

Dorabella’s Daughters is a trilogy of operas that begins with the familiar story of Cinderella and continues to explore the fates of her two step-sisters.  Dorabella is the mother of Cinderella, Annabella and Brianella.

The first opera, Cinderella, is a more contemporary setting of the classic fairy tale. In this version, Cinderella’s manor home is situated between two larger manor homes on either side. Troy, the boy from the manor on the right, is the neighborhood prince who is the dream of every girl in the kingdom. Roy, the boy from the manor on the left, is in love with Annabella, Cinderella’s sister. As the opera tells the familiar story, the two stepsisters come alive and set up the subsequent acts.

Annabella, the second opera, is adapted from the fairytale “King Thrushbeard.” It opens at the wedding reception for Cinderella and her prince, Troy, the boy from the manor on the right.  Annabella is dismayed to realize that the only boy left is Roy, from the manor on the left. She loathes him, though Roy secretly is in love with her. Dorabella, frustrated that the first of her daughters to marry is Cinderella, decrees that Annabella shall marry the next man who walks through the door. Suddenly a filthy woodsman enters the room. True to her word, Dorabella forces the girl to marry the woodsman and he carts her off to a dirt cottage in the forest. Forced to work for what meager living she has, Annabella begins to learn about herself for the first time.  After finally coming to terms with the woodsman, she discovers a surprise about her new husband.

Brianella, the third opera, is still in development.