Expecting Someone Taller

Music by Philip Seward, Lyrics by John Sparks, Concept by Becky Brett
Based on the novel by Tom Holt

Cast: 5M/5W (and chorus)  •  Instrumentation: Piano  •  Duration: about 2 hrs.

Malcom was just another accountant until a freak car accident put him in possession of the Ring — of the Nibelung — and the Tarnhelm. Oh, yes — and don’t forget Ingolf, the dying giant who has been masquerading as a badger. Expecting Someone Taller is an operatic adaptation of Tom Holt’s novel by the same name. This humorous, contemporary continuation of Richar Wagner’s Ring Cycle takes us to present-day England, where humans, gods, and demigods will stop at nothing to wrest the Ring from Malcolm’s competent, though skeptical control. Meanwhile, as the rheinmaidens search for their golden ring, Flosshilde — for the first time in her thousand-plus years of life — is discovering a personality independent of her sisters. Even though the Ring-bearer is cursed to forswear love, Malcom and Flosshilde learn that in the right circumstance, curses are made to be broken.

Expecting Someone Taller takes a look at the Wagnerian Ring Cycle in a modern context — with hilarious results.